Let the planning begin…

Hey folks! It’s a miserable Sunday evening here in Dublin and I thought I would put finger to laptop and say hi. As 2022 slowly rides off to the sunset, I fondly look back on May’s Portuguese Camino while I look forward to next year’s Caminos at the same time. With little more than 4 months left before I leave for Lisbon, there is no better time than now to get the planning started. For the last number of years I have walked in May or September, so an April Camino may or may not be more demanding. Only time will tell. As explained in my previous blogs, I set off from Agueda which is 80km or 4 days before Porto. After Porto, I will follow the coast like this year with a few changes. Obviously, after walking a Camino previously, I know where to skip and there are some towns that left a mark on me that I just want to return to.

I have my flight to Lisbon booked with Aer Lingus. Ryanair’s flights weren’t available at the time and I suppose if I waited, the price for the flight to Porto might have been higher. The downside is I have a 3 hour train trip from Lisbon to Agueda to look forward to. I will take it in my stride. A voice in the back of my head tells me to start at Lisbon Cathedral but there is a reason why I am starting in Agueda.

Read my last post here: November’s here and I’m not scared

In 2019, I walked from Lisbon to Agueda ending in the fantastic albergue in Agueda. I didn’t have the time to reach Porto despite walking a lot of 30+km days. The heat was something else but I am not usually one for complaining. I left Agueda promising I would be back to Albergue San Antonio and her cats. I hopped on a train to Aveiro and when I arrived I was in Porto soon after. I’m looking forward to meeting the owners of the albergue in Agueda as they were good to me back in 2019. I have sent them an email letting them know I will be coming and they have saved me a bed. So I guess I will get the see the cats again!

It’s very much into the unknown from there to Porto and this is where the guidebook comes in. I have it here beside me and I must read it in more detail. From what I see in various videos, the terrain is mixed and I will have no great shock in store on the day. I suppose it will be quieter than after Porto as more pilgrims start in Porto but I do enjoy a bit of solitude now and again. I will be walking alone on this Camino, not that I enjoy company. After Porto, I will stick to the coast again and walk from the Cathedral. I hope my days will be shorter and my pack will be lighter but I said that in 2018. More posts coming soon!

Bom Caminho!

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