Traveling to the Camino de Santiago

When you decide where you want to begin your Camino de Santiago, whether it be St Jean Pied de Port, Sarria, Porto or Tui, the next step is finding out how you get there. This piece will give you information on how to do such a thing. For people living in the US, Canada or... Continue Reading →

Camino Portugués 2022 – Day 5 – Vila Praia de Ancora to Oia

May 11th 2022 – Day 5 Vila Praia de Ancora to OiaDistance: 28.3km on Gronze.comAlbergue: La Cala - A Pilgrims Inn Today, we would be leaving Portugal and walking to a little piece of heaven in Oia. Let me digress for a moment before I talk about the day... Oia is in Spain - another country. It's... Continue Reading →

Checking my packing list..

With a month left before I go, I have been mostly checking my packing list ensuring I have the right kit. I have kept many items from last September's travels on the meseta but there are a few things that needed replacing. After inspecting my gear, I bought a few items online and I am... Continue Reading →

Two pilgrims become Three

We are two months out from our return to the Camino and I felt I needed to write. The last time I put hand to keyboard, I was getting my pack in order and starting to get a training plan together. The last time I had walked in excess of 15 kilometres was in December... Continue Reading →

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