November’s here and I’m not scared..

I was looking at the calender on Friday and noticed how much of the year had been eaten away. Is it really 2 months to 2023? I remember wishing in the New Year with the tones of Carlos Nuñez in the background. But that was January and today is October 30th. Got to keep on... Continue Reading →

Camino Portugués Coastal 2022 – Porto to Santiago

May 6th 2022 - Day 0Dublin to Porto I have arrived home from the Camino de Santiago. With compostela in hand, I have many more memories to take with me. The Camino Portugués from Porto is a beautiful Camino and one I walked with great company. However, it would be remiss of me to say... Continue Reading →

A month to Porto..

Ok, so it's just after 11pm here on a Saturday night in Dublin and I realised that I haven't written in a while. While I am awake, I may as well put finger to keyboard and update you on how my preparation is going. Practice Walks With the days and weeks flying by, it has... Continue Reading →

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