Updated Packing List

Hi folks, I've slightly updated my packing list for my meseta Camino in just over 20 days. The main additions are new trail shoes and a change in rain gear. I've changed my blister kit too. Check it out in the "Packing List" tab above.

Camino a Finisterre – A definitive packing list

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you will already know that I am returning to Spain on September 1st to walk the Camino a Finisterre. This route takes me from Santiago de Compostela, where I will see plenty of pilgrims finish their own caminos, to Finisterre and then further north to Muxia. I... Continue Reading →

My Packing List

Just a quick post. I want to post my packing list so you get an indication what I carry on my Caminos. This has been updated to include the items bought this weekend. I have made notes and included links to where I have purchased the items. Also, reviews from Youtube have been included which... Continue Reading →

Not long now (& recent purchases!)

I'm smiling as I write this. I hope (and want) to be back in Spain in September but I have nothing planned...no leave booked, no flights tickets bought, nothing. In previous years, I would have everything arranged and would only be counting down the days on my Camino-themed laptop desktop! (Yes, I'm obsessed!) It's actually... Continue Reading →

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