My Conversation with Maria from

I was delighted to be contacted by Maria regarding a possible post on her excellent website Her website is full of hints and tips for those looking to improve their Spanish. As she lives on the Camino, she sees pilgrims passing by every day. So her website is a great place to start if... Continue Reading →

A Busy Week…and some Spanish lessons

If you live in Ireland, or even in Europe, you will know of the weather we have had over the last week. As I type, Storm Brian is passing over this part of the world blowing winds and delivering rain to parts of southern Ireland. However, Storm Brian's predecessor, Ex-Hurricane Ophelia was far more destructive.... Continue Reading →

An interesting way to take in Spanish

I've been looking for ways how to improve on my Spanish language. It's nearly a year since I started taking the language seriously and going to classes. There are may tips and tricks on how to improve including this and this. However, this guy has taken learning a language to a new level. He moved... Continue Reading →


If you have read my previous post, you will know that I am learning Spanish; not just to use it in May, but to have it and improve on it going forward. The evening course I have been going to has been great but that is shortly coming to an end. Ten weeks has flown... Continue Reading →

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