Camino Francés 2021 – Day 5 – Carrion de los Condés to Ledigos

September 5th 2021 - Day 5 Carrion de los Condés to LedigosDistance: 25.4 kmAlbergue: Albergue La Morena I had one of my best sleeps yet in Carrion and I was refreshed for another day's walking. I left early on my own before 7 am to avoid the upcoming heat. The walk from Carrion de los... Continue Reading →

A rewarding month…

The last month has been a rewarding experience for me personally. Let me explain. Writing here has always been fun but for the last number of years, I can see my posts aren't reaching the pilgrims I hope to see them. And I don't want to go around forcing people to read my posts. So... Continue Reading →

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