An update, relax and recharge, Camino podcast and future plans

Hey everyone? How are you this morning? It's Thursday as I write and it is so close to the end of my annual leave. Has it been a productive few days? I would say yes! I have had the chance the rest and recharge while getting the chance to do something I wanted to do... Continue Reading →

The Highs, Lows (and Highs again) of making a Podcast

After writing my last post, there has been progress, my good friends. I have managed to get this podcast off the ground and it is online ready for all for listen. I have recorded with Skype and ran with Anchor not only publish the podcast but send it to all the main listening platforms,... Continue Reading →

Weekend Watch #70 – Another milestone

I remember starting out on my Weekend Watch adventure back in 2015. My goal was to give you one video about the Camino per week, one video from the (literally) hundreds of uploaded content on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. With this milestone, I am going to give you 4 because you are worth it....and because... Continue Reading →

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