Throwback Camino – Camino Portugués from A Guarda – Arrival in Santiago

Padrón to Santiago de Compostela

One of our longer days due to an error in the distance markers at O Milladoiro. We set off early from Padrón with the sun yet to rise on a wet and drizzly morning. But hey! we were in Galicia! Our minds were set on Santiago and arriving in the Praza!

The first interesting village of today is Iria Flavia. This was an important Celtic settlement. Later the Romans gave it municipal rank as a Roman road passed through it. The Collegiate Church of Iria Flavia was built between the 12th and the 17th century over an old church that dates back to the 1st century. This was the first cathedral in Galicia.

The path meandered through villages, rural areas, and some lovely woodland paths. We stopped at a cafe just off a main road in A Escravitude. The owner treated us to large tostadas and cafe con leche at quite a reasonable price. Across the road from the cafe is a large church. Unfortunately, it was not open at the time and we walk on. We walk away from the main road for a while until we reach A Picarana.

From here to Santiago, the Way is a mix of pathway and cobblestone. We arrive at Milladoiro and the route is straightforward although we are eager to arrive at the main square. We arrive in via the south and not under the archway which is new to me. The Praza is bustling with pilgrims who have walked from all parts of Spain. We stand and look at the Cathedral and high-five while the rain teems down. It was Ray’s first time in Santiago and he found the whole time extremely positive. We decided to wait until the following day to collect our credentials. It left me with some time to meet some people in Santiago – especially Nate and Faith in Pilgrim House.  The following day, we attended the English Mass in the Capilla del Pilar. Once home, I started plotting my next jaunt across Spain.

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